Providing the next generation cognitive care technology to the world

NeuroEon redefines the concept of mind care by incorporating high level cognitive concepts into most recent technologies of VR and AI to provide serious gaming experiences for the ones who are wise enough to start taking care of their brains.
Thinking you need to take care of your mind? Come join us and start minding your mind.
As humans age, their cognitive abilities tend to decline. The slope of such deterioration gets more pace in their elderly ages. Science has proven that if you take care of your brain in your youth and middle ages, you can decrease the slope of cognitive skills deterioration when you become older. This is also proven to be right for elderlies that they can decrease the pace of losing their cognitive abilities if they take more care of them.
Here in NeuroEon, we care about your cognitive health. We design games to intensify your cognitive abilities and make sure that you will experience a healthier, happier and more independent oldness. Our games feature a brand-new combination of technology and cognitive science giving you the opportunity of experiencing a whole new level of brain training.

Our Team

Dr. Hamed Aliyari

Co-founder and CEO

He has been conducting research in the field of cognitive games and the effects of games on the brain for more than 7 years and has been a pioneer in bringing the research in that field to the market. He is currently also with the CDRC lab in UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Masoomeh Kazemi

Co-founder and Lead Scientist

We are proud to have a renowned female neuroscientist with us who is bringing the results of her 15-year journey to our company. Combining her deep knowledge of neuroscience with modern technology puts our brain trainings at a different level.

Hamed Tadayyoni

Co-founder, Data scientist, Sales and Marketing Specialist

Being in academy and industry, Hamed is bringing his engineering knowledge, multidisciplinary experience and his market vision to provide an optimized product to the users.