Your Personalized Brain Gym

Exercise, monitor and enhance your memory, problem solving, focus and much more…

We may not notice it when we are still young!

But cognitive deterioration is waiting for all of us…

But do not worry. We’ve come up with a solution.

Play our prescription to prevent needing to eat doctor’s prescriptions.

Where technology, cognitive science and art come together to redefine the very concept of brain training

The Science Behind the Scenes

Science has proven the effect of brain training on delaying the deterioration of cognitive skills in elderly ages. We use this science at its peak in our products.

Serious Gaming

Combining advanced programming and wonderful art allows us to emerge brain trainings with engaging and effective games, where playing the game means progress in life.

VR Technology

Using virtual reality enables the trainings to better mimic real-world activities. The resulting immersion increases the effectivity of our brain trainings in helping the users exercise their brains from the comfort of their home.

The Unified Framework

Come to us for all your cognitive needs. We have put everything together in one single product which can visualize your progress, tune the training path according to your cognitive needs and help you and your physician to anticipate and prevent cognitive disorders while there is still time.